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What are our clients saying about us?  Read these testimonials to find out how Penny-Wise Gateway, LLC has helped other businesses.


"Penny was very enjoyable and informative. She was very knowledgeable and very easy to understand"


"Seminar was great!  Penny gave us great information and thoughts to use to build a great team."


"Penny was well spoken.  She explained the topics well.  She was casual, but very professional and informative."


"The seminar was a great experience for me to learn how to communicate, give feedback and treat my employees with the up-most respect.  Overall how to be an outstanding Supervisor.  

Excellent seminar facilitator - highly recommended"


"Penny is an engaging presenter who is very relatable.  She balanced material utilization with personal experiences to create a dynamic seminar experience"


"Ms. Blue gave great information that I can relate to and use every day to better myself, my team, and my organization.  She is very relatable.  She has been there, done it!!!   Great Speaker!!! " 


"I can be a better manager which will maker my workers work the right way.  I learned how to hold myself and my employees accountable for success on the job"

"It starts with a Penny"

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